Podiatry and Chiropody in Stockport and Manchester

Have you got corns, hard skin which is causing foot pain?

Have you nails which need cutting?

Are your nails awkward to cut?

Do you have dry hard skin around your heels or under the ball of the foot?

Have you got verrucae which are painful and causing you to limp?

Our Podiatrist, Jayne Jones can examine and treat all of the above.

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Podiatry in Gatley, Cheadle. (We are unable to offer podiatry in Heaton Moor).

Podiatry, (which used to be called Chiropody) is the treatment of all areas of the foot and foot pathology.

Treatments range from nail cutting, corn removal to advice about footwear and general health of the foot.

Pain in the foot, for example from corns, poor nail care or hard skin, can alter your walking pattern which can result in pain elsewhere in your body. As you need your feet for every step you take, it is important to look after them, no matter your age.

So, don’t take your feet for granted, look after them. Call today to make an appointment with our podiatrist.

What is podiatry used for?

The problems that are treated vary from general nail cutting, corn removal, hard skin (callus) removal and general advice about caring for your feet.

What is the difference between podiatrist and chiropodist?

The modern term for a Chiropodist is now Podiatrist. It is an internationally recognised name for a foot specialist.  Podiatrists provide comprehensive advice and treatment in all areas of foot health and foot pathology.

Podiatrists are trained to degree level and are registered with the HCPC and a member of the College of Podiatry. 

About our podiatrist

Jayne Jones has been working at Gatley Physio Clinic as our resident podiatrist since January 2017. She gained her degree from Salford University, qualifying in 2016.  Prior to this, Jayne worked as a sports masseur, which has given her a deep understanding of body mechanics and the importance of our feet with respect to our walking pattern, and how it can affect  the rest of the body. Jayne is registered with the HCPC.

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Is podiatry just for older people?

No, podiatry is for all ages.

Nails always need cutting! If you have stiffness in the hip or lower back, you may not be able to reach forward to your foot to cut your own nails. It maybe that poor eyesight makes it difficult for you to cut your nails. Jayne can help you with this.

In growing toenails and verrucae occur at all ages.

What are the benefits?

If you have painful feet, it can alter how you walk resulting in pain in other joints such as the knee or back. So, podiatry treatments are aimed at keeping you pain free and mobile.

If you have corns or hard skin, removal by Jayne will make the foot much more comfortable when walking and wearing shoes.

If you are diabetic, foot care is essential. Jayne will discuss this with you and show you self-management.

What does a podiatrist do?

We specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all problems relating to the lower limb and the foot.

General podiatry services include:

  • nail cutting
  • treatment of corns
  • callus removal
  • treatment of verrucae
  • in growing toenails

Other services are:

  • Neurological and vascular assessments of the feet. These are pain free and non-invasive. This can help identify conditions such as Peripheral Arterial Disease or Neuropathy.
  • Footwear advice which will enable you to make informed choices regarding correct footwear.
  • Foot health education and self-care. This is particularly important if you are diabetic.
  • Advice and treatment of skin conditions, for instance, athlete’s foot, dry skin/excessive perspiration, skin disorders and infections.
  • Treatment and advice for patients with long term conditions, for instance, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, bunions, chilblains etc.
  • Advice can be given on the conservative treatment and other treatment options that are available.
  • Nail surgery which is removal of part or the whole of the nail under local anaesthetic.
  • Biomechanical assessments to look at how you walk. Altered biomechanics can cause foot pain and associated pains in the hip, knee and lower back.
  • Recommending a treatment plan or orthotic to help and support your recovery.

Do you offer a diabetic foot service?

A Diabetic Foot Services is offered. including foot screening to establish risk and how to avoid serious complications such as diabetic foot ulcers.

This can be accessed from your GP under the NHS but can be offered in the private sector at our clinic.

How does it work?

Appointments are by appointment. Allow up to 30 minutes per session. In your first session, Jayne will assess your feet and treat in that session.

Following your treatment, you may wish to rebook a follow up appointment. Some patients prefer to have their routine maintenance treatment every 6-8 weeks and make the appointment before they leave the clinic. Others will call us nearer the time to book their next session.

For some patients, the treatment may only be a one-off session.

Are home visits offered?

Yes, home visits are available. Call the clinic to arrange.

What happens at a podiatrist appointment?

Many people will see their podiatrist simply for advice or to check their feet are healthy, while others will attend for a specific problem. As clinicians we help to prevent any potential problems by giving advice and treating before any damage is done.

All treatments will be fully explained to you, prior to commencing.

Does podiatry treatment hurt?

Routine appointments are pain free and many people enjoy the benefits. Some of the comments I hear after treatments are ‘I feel like I am walking on air.’


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Whether it’s a one-off nail cutting that you require, or regular treatment and advice for ongoing foot problems, don’t hesitate to call to arrange your appointment. Your feet are important as you need them every day…so don’t ignore any pains. Get advice as what is best to reduce your pain and get that ‘walking on air’ feeling.

How To Make an Appointment

We are usually able to offer an appointment time within 24 working hours of your call. 

Please either call the clinic or leave your details in the online enquiry form and we’ll call you back to confirm the arrangements.

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Why Choose Gatley & Heatons Physio?

We provide expert acupuncture treatments from our clinics in Heaton Moor, Gatley and Didsbury and we regularly help patients from across Stockport and Manchester reduce their pain and return to normal activities.

We frequently work with clients in Cheadle, Bramhall, Poynton, Wilmslow, Northenden, Altrincham, Sale, West Didsbury, Withington, Burnage, Heaton Moor, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris, Heaton Mersey and Reddish, and we are regularly able to provide home visits for those who are not able to attend one of our clinics.

We have been established in these areas for many years and have a fantastic relationship with most of the Doctors in these areas. If needed, we will liaise with your Doctor about your condition, for example if medication is needed or a referral to another speciality.

We have an excellent reputation of providing high standards of clinical physiotherapy and a professional service through a trusted, personal and friendly approach.

We offer flexible appointment times to all patients including extended working hours and home visits.

I saw Lesley for a dental phobia. I had to go to the dentist the day after the session and was extremely nervous about going. When I went to the dentist the next day, I kept myself calm using the techniques that Lesley had shown me. A few months on, I still find it unpleasant visiting the dentist but me fear feels far more manageable. I feel that the hypnotherapy session had a huge part to play in achieving that and I’m really pleased with the results.

Tim Hilton