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What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is a technique where a physiotherapist uses their hands to manipulate, mobilise and massage the body tissues.

It can be used to treat specific problems, such as back pain, but may also be useful for a range of conditions that don’t affect the bones, joints or muscles.

Physiotherapists use their hands to manipulate and mobilise joints. Mobility or ‘range of movement’ of a joint is frequently reduced following injury or surgery and can be associated with any joint, muscle, tendon and ligament injury. Joint mobilisation is a technique performed to improve joint mobility and reduce pain.

It is vital that as much mobility is restored as quickly as possible. It is important to realise that joints do not need to ‘click’ to gain an increase in movement and become pain-free. Mobilisation of the joints are performed carefully and gradually.

Joint mobilisations can help to;

  • relieve pain and reduce stiffness
  • increase joint movement
  • increase function.

Often used in combination with mobilisation techniques of the joints, our Physiotherapists use various massage techniques to the muscles and soft tissues to assist with a quick recovery. Massage can be used to reduce pain, muscle tightness/spasm, reduce swelling, promote soft tissue healing and improve blood flow.

The ‘hands-on’ treatment is only part of your treatment and will be followed with a specific exercise programme and advice to maintain the improvement seen in treatment and to prevent your symptoms reoccuring.

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