In addition to face to face treatment, Online Physiotherapy Consultations and Home Visits are available.

As an alternative to face-2-face treatment, we continue to offer video based consultations. 

Video based consultations are an excellent method of reaching an expert physiotherapist as an alternative to a face to face appointment.  As we can see you via the video link,  we can assess and evaluate your problem, give you strategies to reduce pain and we will send you a personalised rehab programme to continue with, to allow you to keep going as normal in these difficult times.

The charge for a 30 minute video consultation is £40.

Throughout this second Lockdown, we can continue to offer face 2 face treatments at the Clinics

Call Gatley on 0161 491 1999 or the Heatons on 0161 432 3232

online consultation with physiotherapist

Video Consultations

Video consultations are an excellent alternative to a face-to-face appointment.  It’s easy to setup, and is available through your phone, tablet or computer.


physiotherapy home visits

Home Visits

As some of our patients are unable to attend our clinics we have increased our capacity for home visits.  This would only be following a discussion with you to ensure no one in the household is in isolation, has symptoms or are in a high risk category.

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What Will Happen During a Video Consultation?

To determine the nature of your problem and to make a clinical diagnosis, the Physiotherapist’s assessment includes a detailed questioning about your problem.

We ask about:

  • How and when the pain started
  • What makes the pain worse and easier
  • How the pain affects your daily activity
  • Your sleep patterns
  • Your medication
  • Your past medical history

In addition, we can go through an examination of your movements. We will ask you to perform certain relevant movements and tests, which we will observe. During these movements, we will ask you about your pain.

Our excellent problem solving and clinical reasoning skills, with our wealth of experience allows us to make a clinical diagnosis.

Once a clinical diagnosis has been established, we can give you relevant advice to manage your condition. We will guide you through rehabilitation exercises to allow you to be proactive with your recovery. This will hopefully keep you going until we have the opportunity to see you face-to-face, as appropriate.

How do video consultations work?

Once the day and time has been arranged, the physio will call you to commence the consultation. 

The consultations are for 30 minutes. During this time the physiotherapist will conduct thorough, detailed questioning to be able to give you a clinical diagnosis. 

The physio will discuss the diagnosis with you and will give you advice to avoid your problem worsening and therefore assist your recovery. In addition, an exercise programme will be given as appropriate.

Private Physiotherapy in Stockport

Call Gatley on 0161 491 1999 or the Heatons on 0161 432 3232

How do I arrange a video consultation?

Call the clinic on 0161 432 3232, request an appointment using the enquiry form on this page or email to request a video consultation.

The day and time of the consultation can be arranged. The method used for the consultation can be chosen.

Various platforms may be used for the consultation:

1. Zoom – works on iphones, android and laptops. Zoom app needs to be downloaded. An account is not required.

2. WhatsApp – no registration required but not as high quality.

3. Facetime – requires registration.

4. Facebook messenger.

Please let us know which one you would like to use and we will arrange the meeting.

Our recommendation is to use Zoom.

Do I need WiFi for the video consultation?

You will need access to the Internet either through WiFi or the data allowance on your mobile phone.

WiFi is recommended to achieve the best possible connection. 

How much does a video consultation cost?

During this unprecedented time, we are conducting video consultations at a reduced cost of £30 for a 30 minute consultation.

How do I pay for the video consultation?

Payment is to be prior to the consultation by BACS payment.

Why Choose Gatley & Heatons Physio?

We provide expert physiotherapy treatments from our clinics in Heaton Moor, Gatley and Didsbury and we regularly help patients from across Stockport and Manchester reduce their pain and return to normal activities.

We frequently work with clients in Cheadle, Bramhall, Poynton, Wilmslow, Northenden, Altrincham, Sale, West Didsbury, Withington, Burnage, Heaton Moor, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris, Heaton Mersey and Reddish, and we are regularly able to provide home visits for those who are not able to attend one of our clinics.

We have been established in these areas for many years and have a fantastic relationship with most of the Doctors in these areas. If needed, we will liaise with your Doctor about your condition, for example if medication is needed or a referral to another speciality.

We have an excellent reputation of providing high standards of clinical physiotherapy and a professional service through a trusted, personal and friendly approach.

We offer flexible appointment times to all patients including extended working hours and home visits.

Professional and caring treatment received with sound follow up advice. Would recommend to others without hesitation!

Juan Pardo